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MsgSafe.Io Adds "Hold Mail" Feature to its Email Privacy Solution launches a new "hold mail" feature providing users with additional control over their email and their online identity. allows users to create fake email addresses to use when sending secure and encrypted email, shopping online or creating social media accounts without ever having to use their real email address.

Let’s take a minute to brainstorm reasons why someone might need a fake email address. Maybe they're secretly James Bond and need multiple identities. Or perhaps they’re applying for a new job and don’t want to use their work email address. allows users to create as many fake email addresses as they want, while keeping their real identity private. incorporates advanced email forwarding technologies, providing a secure and encrypted way to send email while protecting the users real information from prying eyes such as government, telecom companies and spammers.

"We believe nobody should be able to access your email except for you. It's that simple. As a collective group of engineers, we developed to provide users with a solution to their privacy concerns. We understand that people are worried about their email being intercepted, monitored or sold; that's why we developed While other email service providers say they're protecting your privacy, actually provides an email forwarding solution that protects your privacy, your online identity and your location at all times," said Rachel McPherson, MsgSafe's Operations Manager.

Users simply sign-up for a account and create a new "identity". An identity is like an alter-ego or fake email address that's used instead of a real email address. Users can have "peace of mind" that their real information remains protected at all times. Best In Class Features: works with any email service you are currently using such as: Outlook, Yahoo mail, Gmail, and others, without having to download any software or plug-ins.

Users can create as many fake email addresses as they want or bring their own domain. automatically forwards the email from the users fake email address to their real email address. So, there is no need to log-in to multiple accounts to check email.

Users have the option to choose from where their email is sent. If you want your email to look like its from the Netherlands, Singapore, Russia or the U.S., you have the ability to choose your location to further hide your email from government, telecom companies and spammers. technology eliminates the ways people learn more about you using email metadata. strips your emails of this unnecessary metadata and other tracking technologies to protect your privacy, your online identity, your location and other details about you.

Users can encrypt all messages sent and received from their contacts using OpenPGP or S/MIME keys that you can automatically generate in when setting up an account.

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